Thursday 6 June 2019

Mortal Kombat 11 ★★★★★

Twenty seven years old, violent and beautiful can completely describe the ex-girlfriend that cheated on me all the time, but it also describes Mortal Kombat. As a youth, I remember sitting in school with a copy of GamesMaster looking at an article called Ice and Lemon about the then-upcoming Mortal Kombat 2 and focused on Scorpion and Sub-Zero. As a nine year old boy, I was friends with rich psychopaths, people who saved and ate nose pickings under the desk and one weird girl that collected Magic Trolls. We would argue over whether or not Knuckles was male or female, whether or not Nintendo or Sega was better, and whether or not Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter the fighting game to play. That day the imagery of Scorpion and Subzero ripping people's spines apart was the most exciting thing Duane had ever seen since he got a two-inch booger safely stored in his lunch box lid in lieu of an actual lunch.

Mortal Kombat 11 is the third game in the retconned trilogy of Mortal Kombat games. They have introduced such a heavy time travel element into it now that they have absolutely killed dead any sort've dramatic tension in the story. Well done there. It's a very contrived way to put all the dead characters that people love back into the story. Though people who play Mortal Kombat for the story probably buy cereal for the cardboard. 

Mortal Kombat 11 has been slightly slowed down from Mortal Kombat X, don't panic it's better if I was ever to have sex someday I'm sure I would be told that sometimes it's better to take it a little slower. The pacing is much better and allows you to feel like you're improving in a shorter period of time. The tutorials are one of the most impressive in a fighting game I've seen. Normally tutorials feel like they are there because the company demanded an 'extra mode', nothing more than painting the wall behind the picture frame. However this is so detailed it really teaches you what Mortal Kombat experts know, it's a great motivator for when you decide to leap online. You will still get your absolute shit kicked in, but you'll understand why.

The Krypt, a mini-game for unlocking things using money you've earned in the other modes. In MK11 it has become incredibly complicated and gives you an obscene amount of uninteresting and useless shit, which is just a completionist nightmare. The story is a web of time travel continuity issues and everything is crowbarred into place. The addition of Shiva and a couple of others in the game, but not in the character select feels like Netherrealm reminding me to save money for a season pass. 

Overall it's probably the best Mortal Kombat game. I have enjoyed playing it, I felt like I was constantly getting better, or could adapt easily. The fatalities and brutalities are daft and gory as usual and it's a great stupid bloody time. 

David Roberts

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